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Dealing with a Counter Offer

Do you stay with your current employer or move on?

You will probably feel exhausted at this stage, like you have completed all of the toughest parts of the recruitment process but occasionally the hardest part will come in the form of a counter offer from your current employer and leave you with a big dilemma.

Compare two new job opportunities


Considering a counter offer is very similar to comparing two new job opportunities and you need to assess every single part of the offer. Counter offers may be in the form of a salary increase, a promotion or a promise of some sort. It’s really important to refer back to why you were looking for a new opportunity in the first place.


Realistic Expectations


Some counter offers are easier to implement than others. I.e. a salary increase is relatively easy for your employer to implement, however a cultural change, a behavioural change or a personality change can be a lot more difficult. We often see candidates that are promised the world, decide to accept the counter offer and then make contact with us again in 3-6 months time as the promises haven’t materialised. Therefore it’s important to consider how realistic the counter offer is and the impact it will have later down the line. I.e. will it be a long term thing, how will it impact your future prospects both internally and externally.


Employer & Employee Trust


It’s also important to consider the principal and the potentially delayed recognition. i.e. why was this not offered to you before, why has it taken for you to resign for this offer to be made? Another thing to consider is the trust between you and your employer. i.e. how do they feel that you have resigned and how will they now treat you going forward. There’s a lot to consider at this stage and there is no right or wrong choice but it’s crucial that you give it enough thought to ensure you make the right decision for your career.

Making the right decision


No matter what decision you make, it’s important not to burn any bridges at this stage, whether that be with your current employer or a new employer as you never know when your paths will cross again.

We’re always here to talk through this process with you and to help you make the right decision for your career.

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