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How to Resign

Wait for written confirmation of your Job Offer

It’s important to resign once you have received written correspondence from your new employer, confirming the offer details. Do not resign after a verbal acceptance, it’s important to have the offer in writing. Remember this is your official contract of employment so it’s extremely important that you take the time to read it thoroughly and check that you are happy with everything. This will normally be sent to you directly so if you have any questions then please speak to TPF Recruitment for advice.

Download a Resignation Letter Template here:

Resign to your line manager

It’s common courtesy to resign to your boss/ line manager before HR or any other Managers within your business. We suggest that this is done in person unless it’s physically not possible. We would then suggest either a video meeting or a telephone call would be the next best process. By preparing for the resignation you can ensure you manage your emotions and pre-empt any questions that your line manager may ask.


If you have any questions whatsoever then give TPF Recruitment a call and we will talk you through the whole process. You will need to send your employer a resignation letter following the meeting. You can either hand them a paper copy in the meeting or email them a copy afterwards. An email is typically best as you can track the date it was sent.

This is typically the hardest part of the process but you have to remember that you are moving on for a reason. Keep the process relatively brief and to the point. Thank your employer for the opportunity that you have been given and explain that you are resigning from your position as you have managed to secure a new opportunity. They will want to know why you are leaving, where you are off to and how you secured the new opportunity; it’s completely up to you how much information your give them.

Your employer should understand, or at least appreciate and accept your decision.


You will need to ensure that they accept your resignation and agree a leave date in line with your agreed notice period. It may be worth double checking your employment contract before resigning. Often, your resignation will be accepted and you will agree a leave date in the meeting but occasionally the employer may want some time to digest your resignation and to come back to you. It’s at this stage you should either give you employer your resignation letter and/or email them a copy.

If you have any questions whatsoever then please give TPF Recruitment and call and we will talk you through the process.

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