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Writing a Job Description

Job Description Template

We have created a standard Job Description template that you can download here:

The Job Description should detail:


An introduction to the business - 3-4 sentences or a small paragraph detailing what the business does, the history of the business, your values and any highlights. This is a really good opportunity to make your opportunity and organisation stand out to prospective candidates.


The Purpose of the Job


Try to describe the purpose of the vacancy in 2-3 sentences, include the main responsibilities and the overall vision of the position as well as who the candidate will report in to.


The Role and Responsibilities 


6- 10 key responsibilities of the position. Try to put these in priority order and use verbs such as “to manage”, “ to oversee” etc. In addition to the technical responsibilities of the position, you may want to include details such as:

  • Details of clients the position will be responsible for.

  • How many clients the position will be responsible for.

  • What accounting rules will be required.

  • Will there be management responsibility.

  • Is there is any travel involved.

  • Systems and software that will be used.

  • Will the candidate be responsible for business development.

Remember that you are trying to describe the job based on your requirements, not reflecting the current job holder’s strengths or your preferred tasks or duties


Candidate Requirements


5-8 bullet points detailing the skills and experience required for the position. It’s very important to consider what is absolutely essential and what is desirable. Things to consider are academics and professional qualifications, how many years of experience, industry experience and software experience. Again, approach this with an open mind and build a successful team with a diverse set of skills.

What's on offer


It’s really important to include your benefits as well as the salary in this part. Some businesses include the salary in their advert, some don’t; it’s your choice. Personally we feel that including a salary bracket helps capture the right audience and gives you a better advert response rate but we appreciate that this can also be confidential information too.


Benefits are particularly important to people and it’s really important to include this in your offering. Typical benefits include: parking, pension, holiday, death in service, study packages, private medical and flexible benefits platforms.

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